• Build the reality you imagine

    Qualcomm Technologies provides over 14 years of XR research and innovation for you to lean in to. Start developing 3D apps for XR glasses that benefit from robust machine perception, environmental and user understanding.

  • Open ecosystem, endless possibilities

    With Snapdragon Spaces that supports Open XR, you can build an ecosystem that includes global operators, smartphone OEMs, 3D engines, and immersive XR content.

  • Accelerate your journey into XR

    Bring your XR ideas to life quicker with familiar 3D tools, workflows, and app portability of 3D engines from Epic Unreal Engine 4 and Unity AR Foundation.

What You'll Learn

Learn how to set up the right environment to running your samples using Dual Render Fusion, Hand Tracking and Local Anchors.

  • Introduction to Snapdragon Spaces SDK: Discover the features of Snapdragon Spaces and the process of becoming a registered developer.

  • Snapdragon Spaces Hardware Kit: Learn to set up and utilize the Development Kit with best practices and sample applications.

  • Unity Development Environment: Master the setup process, including folder organization, SDK package importing, and OpenXR configuration.

  • Dual Render Fusion in Unity: Gain expertise in integrating headworn XR into mobile apps using Dual Render Fusion technology.

  • Creating with Snapdragon Spaces: Build your first XR application with the 'Hello Cube' example and explore core Snapdragon Spaces features like Image Tracking, Plane Detection, and Spatial Mapping.

  • Advanced Features and Hand Tracking: Delve into advanced Snapdragon Spaces capabilities including Hand Tracking and using the XR Interaction Toolkit for immersive experiences.

Course curriculum

    1. Overview

    2. Quiz

    1. What is Snapdragon Spaces?

    2. Features overview

    3. Registering as a Snapdragon Spaces Developer

    4. Where to buy the DevKit?

    5. Quiz

    1. Snapdragon Spaces Hardware Development Kit

    2. Frequently Asked Questions

    3. Quiz

    1. Prerequisites

    2. Folder Structure

    3. Package Manager Importing the SDK packages

    4. Open XR Setup and Validation Page

    5. Quiz

    1. Dual Render Fusion Overview

    2. Importing the Extra Package

    3. Importing The Samples

    4. OpenXR Validation

    5. Setup Unity Testing Environment

    6. Quiz

    1. Intro and project setup

    2. Minimal scene setup

    3. Build and deploy

    4. Testing on device

    5. Quiz

About this course

  • Free
  • 36 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Your Instructor

Fabian Quosdorf is an XR/MR/VR enthusiast with a passion for interaction concepts and "real-world" applications. With expertise in HoloLens2, Unity, and Unreal Engine 4, he became CTO of Island Labs, an MR studio for interior design and industrial applications. In 2021, he founded his own studio, mixed.world whose productions were nominated for the famous Auggie Awards. He’s also teaching MR Master Classes at XR Bootcamp.

Fabian Quosdorf

Founder of mixed.world, Master Trainer at XR Bootcamp

Developer Spotlight

“We are thrilled to be working with Snapdragon Spaces. It allows everything to be there all at once, so we can just focus on developing Snapdragon Spaces, and it works on so many different devices.”

“We are using mixed reality to bring all those people together into one shared and combined session. We strongly believe that headworn mixed reality devices is a key technology in solving many of the problems.”

“We use phone as a controller, which is simple and we use the haptics on the phone, as well as gaze to create a dynamic experience. Snapdragon Spaces offers us an opportunity to work with emerging tech with headworn AR. ”

Developer Feedback

“I joined because I have had a huge interest in hand tracking and I know it's exactly the future, I knew this technology would also benefit our clients as well in the future. So I'm getting a head start on this technology to benefit our clients coming up.”

“The Master Class has been a great opportunity to learn from trainers who are doing some of the most interesting and cutting-edge interactions possible on consumer VR today. We are planning to send our developers to XR Bootcamp classes to learn the latest XR tech stack.”

“I highly recommend XR Bootcamp for people trying to improve their VR/Unity skills. Their continuously growing list of courses caters to the needs of everyone.”

Getting Started with Snapdragon Spaces™